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Cultural Event in aid of the Saint Lazarus Foundation

During the month of August, two events happening in the same weekend were organized by three members of the Order (Consoeur Josephine Cutajar OLJ OMLJ and Confreres Alfie Palmier OLJ OMLJ, Alfred Magri OLJ OMLJ and Noel Cutajar OLJ OMLJ at Ta’ Qali, Malta.

A number of international acts and artists were brought over to Malta for this cultural weekend from various countries, culminating in the great performance given by Jerry and the Pacemakers on the 8th of August 2009.

Constant liaison was undertaken by the deputy marshal of the Grand Priory, Confrere William Acton CLJ with the organizers, the former also ensuring that Jerry and the Pacemakers were properly taken care of during their stay on the island.

The event was filmed for viewing on television and the deputy marshal also organized an impromptu collection amongst the audience present.


Poster of the Event


Ira Losco, Malta's leading female singer, was one of the artists performing in this event.


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