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The Grand Priory establishes Agreement with Austria’s CSLI – Corps Saint Lazare International (February 2009)

It is indeed a great pleasure to inform all members of the Order that the Grand Priory of the Mediterranean has reached a full memorandum of understanding with the Corps Saint Lazare International, based in Austria and that both organizations, although independently set up, will be working together in the future for the benefit of Lazarite aims both in central Europe and in the Mediterranean region.

The CSLI has a proven track record of work and assistance and encompasses some 1500 members throughout the world. It is an independent service organization with charitable activities and organized as a fully registered association. It is “International” because the CSLI has not only members and friends from Austria, but also from many other countries. Moreover, the CSLI was founded also from the point of view to set up opportunities to become a "friendly association" for the various charities of the Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem and other smaller aid agencies to act and to coordinate international operations better.


  The above figure: CSLI Officer's Cross of Merit

The CSLI was founded under the laws of the Republic of Austria and built expressly committed to their rule of law. The CSLI in particular is, in fact, a completely voluntary relief organization, and their members and officials – like ours - do not receive any gifts or benefits from the association. All donations, gifts, etc. that the CSLI receives are neither spend out for administration nor in other similar costs.  

The CSLI has the ideals of Saint Lazarus to its banner and is totally separate and has no affiliations with a conscious part of the organization called the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem. They are autonomous and independent and we will strive to assist them in this chosen road of Hospitaller and philanthropic work.

This complete independence and autonomy is also documented through the official emblem of the CSLI. The latter does NOT use the green eight-pointed cross or the "green" Greek cross, but the "Claw Cross" as the main element.

More information on this synergy will be given at a later date.

CSLI Rescue Rover

CSLI Rescue Helicopter


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