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The Order in Hungary (November 2008)

The Council of Knights of the Grand Priory of the Mediterranean is presently exploring the possibility of working with a dedicated group of postulants in order to set up – for the first time – a branch of the Order in Hungary.

This task has been delegated to Confrere Joseph Borda who, together with the Secretary General Chev. Charles Caruana, will be holding extensive meetings during March 2009 in order to set up the necessary administrative backbone for such a new structure.

The postulants in question have all been properly vetted and fruitful discussions are presently being undertaken by both sides to this effect. At the end of April 2009, just after the investiture of the Grand Priory, a delegation from the Grand Priory, headed by the Marshal, Confrere Robert Farrugia CLJ, will be meeting up with the postulants in Budapest in order to further survey and execute the setting up of the Grand Priory in Hungary. The delegation will be meeting postulants Bela Danielisz, who is the Deputy Floor Leader of the Metropolitan Grand Assembly of Budapest and Colonel Cziva Oszkar, who is the Chief of Department of Firefighting, Rescue and Disaster Management based in Budapest.

Danielisz Béla









Deputy Floor Leader and Member of the Metropolitan General Assembly of Budapest

map of Hungary

Budapest Parliament

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