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Donation of 3500 Euros to the Malta Hospice Movement (April 2008)

The Saint Lazarus Foundation has had a very close rapport by means of its financial assistance to the Malta Hospice Movement. The Grand Priory of the Mediterranean, in its previous investitures, has also awarded the prestigious Order of Merit in the Grade of Officer to Dame Theresa Naudi, as Chairperson of the Malta Hospice Movement. This award was indeed a symbolic manner by which the Grand Priory recognises and indeed supports the enormous effort executed by the Hospice’s volunteers throughout the Movement’s history.

With this synergy in mind, the Saint Lazarus Foundation again donated the sum of 3500 Euros in order to assist the day to day needs of this very active non-governmental organisation. These funds were donated after an extensive fund-raising campaign primarily based in schools throughout Malta and Gozo.


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