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The Order’s spiritual home, namely the Cathedral of Our Lady in Victoria, Gozo, had, for the past years, embarked on an ambitious project to install a set of six new bells on the Cathedral belfry. The Order was more than willing to assist financially with such a project and thus sponsored the fifth bell (second largest), aptly named Ursula. In fact, the bell has an inscription in Latin with the name of the Order permanently inscribed on it. On this date, the bells were blessed in a religious ceremony which included the Bishop of Gozo, an exhaustive list of dignitaries and a crowd which surpassed the 1000 mark. The ceremony was led by our Commander of the Commandery of Gozo, Mons. Joseph Vella Gauci ChLJ and included the Grand Prior, Mons. Anton Gauci ECLJ. Ursula is now rung daily at every half hour and on the day of the Order’s annual investiture in the Cathedral, the bell is rung just before the procession starts its entrance from the majestic courtyard of the medieval Cathedral.


The Commander of the Commandery of Gozo, Mons. Joe Vella Gauci ChLJ, flanked by officers of the Order on the day of the blessing of the new Cathedral bells.


The inscription in Latin of the Order of Saint Lazarus on Ursula, the second largest bell which has been donated by the Order to the Cathedral of Our Lady.



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