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During 2004, it was very obvious that postulants from the De Rohan Commandery, headed by its Commander, Confrere Joseph E Deguara, would indeed surpass all the other Commanderies when it came to the number of postulants to be admitted in the February 2005 Investiture. Thus, in order to acquaint the postulants and their families with the members of the Order, a get together was organized at a restaurant in Kappara which also served as a fund raiser. The response was very positive and the atmosphere was one of a huge and united family, with newcomers listening attentively to the experiences of the ‘veteran’ Lazarites.


Drinks galore in the De Rohan get together – a great way for members and postulants to get to know each other better.


Socialising as brethren and friends in the De Rohan informal get together.


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