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The Order’s publication Translated into the Russian Language (December 2008)

The Order’s publication in hard bound copy entitled ‘The Green Eight Pointed Cross’ has been selling well since its publication. All the Grand Priory’s members receive the book due to the fact that it is essential that all Lazarite members are given the correct historical background to the Order’s illustrious past without claiming inaccurate or interpolated versions of pseudo-history.

The book, authored by the Chancellor of the Grand Priory, Chev. Massimo J Ellul, is now being translated into the Russian language by Confrere Airat Akhmadeev OLJ of the Grand Priory of the Ukraine. With the establishing of the mentioned Grand Priory and the further consecration of the Grand Priory of Russia in 2009, this translation will indeed be essential for the expansion of the Order in the regions in question.

In the meantime, Massimo Ellul is presently finalising the necessary research for another book on the history of the Order which will be published in 2009.


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