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A Tribute to Confrere Andrew Pattison (February 2009)

Confrere Andrew Pattison OLJ was indeed an exemplary member of the Order of Saint Lazarus. A true Scotsman, fiercely proud of his nation but, more importantly, an active Hospitaller throughout his membership of the Order.

It was indeed a shock for us at the Grand Priory when we received notice of Andy’s passing away. News of his ill-health late last year were received with alarm, only to be allayed by Andy’s phone calls to our Chancellor after his operation, asking about the plans of the next April 2009 investiture and how, if his health would permit, he would be coming over to Malta for the investiture.

It was not to be. He is now in the East up high, serving the Almighty in heaven as he has always done on earth. May he rest in peace.

Andrew was very active in the Grand Priory. He attended investitures in Malta, Gozo and Italy. He was always keen to ensure the independence and effectiveness of the Grand Priory without undue and uncalled-for interference from what he jokingly used to term ‘the chaps from across the borders’. As our Priory’s representative in Scotland, Andrew was an exemplary Lazarite and he will be missed by all, most of all by our Chancellor and his Lady wife, the former having worked closely with Andy in the Friends of Rosslyn, a Scottish non-governmental organisation set up to ensure the continued heritage and research of the historic Rosslyn Chapel.

To his wife Patty and his children, the Grand Priory of the Mediterranean offers its sincere condolences. To the members of the Order, the Council of Knights have declared that the celebration of mass on the full day event to be held on the 2nd of May 2009 in the Fgura Parish Church in Malta will be in memory of this fine Knight and gentleman.



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