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Funds for the MMDNA and the TIPS (January 2009)

In the first meeting of the year 2009 of the Council of Knights of the Grand Priory of the Mediterranean, it was unanimously decided that the major thrust this year in the fund-raising efforts of the Saint Lazarus Foundation should be directed at the aid and assistance of two notable organisations, namely the

Malta Memorial District Nursing Association

and the

Tiny Infants Parent Support Group

Both organisations need no introduction in the island of Malta. Both offer hands on service directly to patients in their own home, the former by means of 24 hours nursing and ancillary services whilst the latter, which is part of the national Ta’ Kana Movement, offers hands-on assistance for parents and mothers who have and/or are experiencing the birth of premature babies.

Other organisations will also receive assistance from the Saint Lazarus Foundation but this year the emphasis will be on these two worthy institutions.


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