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More Independent Lazarite Grand Priories around the World (March 2007)

The schisms and unfortunate squabbling between various factions and dependencies of other Lazarite organisations calling themselves ‘The Military and Hospitaller Order of Siant Lazarus’ has resulted in more independent Commanderies and Priories of Saint Lazarus all over the world.

Although it is not our intention to comment on the internal affairs of other chivalric organisations, one must however note that more and more Lazarite brothers and sisters are acknowledging the sensible truth that the only way forward in essentially keeping the Lazarite banner high and unblemished from internal feuds and strife is by independently operating under the banner of Saint Lazarus, instead of being part of an organisation under a Grand Master recognised by no real and credible authority.

This phenomenon can be noted primarily in the United States and in Europe. Our Grand Priory has already been approached by newly independent entities in Austria, the United States, the Slovak Republic and other areas of operation. Our response has always been the same to all and sundry: as long as Lazarite organisations throughout the world continue the centuries old tradition of assisting the needy in philanthropic and Hospitaller work, we do not see any reason why diplomatic relations and fraternal operations are carried out, irrespective of one’s allegiance or otherwise to this, that and the other faction of Saint Lazarus.


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