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The United Grand Priories abolishes the position of Master-General (May 2008)

There have been a number of administrative changes throughout the operational and administrative structure of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus.

The expansion of the Order on an international level was indeed faced with a scenario that, for several years, the Grand Council of the Order had not been summoned and directives were solely being issued by means of individual decisions taken by the seat of Master – General.

This situation was leading to a number of uncalled – for situations which impeded the growth of the Order and the fundamental right of independence in the jurisdictions in question. Moreover, funds generated from specific regions by the various Saint Lazarus Commanderies, Grand Commanderies and Grand Priories will now remain available to be utilised in charitable and Hospitaller works in the region from where they were collected.

By the end of 2008, this administrative change has been acknowledged throughout the Order’s institutions world wide, including the representatives of Scotland, South Africa, Malta, Gozo, Libya, Italy, Sicily, France, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Portugal and Australia. The Grand Priory of England is the only Grand Priory which has not yet abolished this title and, as such, this scenario does not interfere at all with the international operations of the Order.


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