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It was with great pleasure and nostalgia that the Master General of the Order, Fra John Baron von Hoff, together with a deputation from the Grand Priory of the Mediterranean, unveiled a commemorative plaque at the splendid Mercure Selmun Palace Hotel in Malta. The hotel is also the custodian of the historic Selmun Castle, which was built by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem.


By means of the constant efforts of the Deputy Marshal of the Grand Priory, Confrere Robert Farrugia CLJ, the relationship between the Grand Priory and Selmun Castle has always been one of constant mutual assistance. The very first investiture dinner in the Mediterranean was in fact held at the Castle, specifically in the Castle Chapel. Moreover, a number of Grand Priory meetings and a number of meetings of the Saint Lazarus Hospice Foundation were also organised in the Castle.


The event also included Confrere Kamel Senhadji CLJ, who is also the General Manager of the hotel.






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