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October 7th, 2006 Investiture

Saturday 7 th October 2006.

The 7 th Mediterranean Investiture of the Grand Priory.

Church: The Cathedral of Our Lady, Gozo , Malta.

Investiture Dinner: The Castle, Selmun.


The Procession | The Congregation | The Ceremony | The Postulants



[Currently viewing: The Procession]

The Deputy Marshal leading the procession into the Cathedral of Our Lady.

The Chancellor’s Aide de Camp leading the deputation of our Allied Malta Obedience of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus.

Dame Christabel Ellul Saliba and Consoeur Fabienne Grech leading the members of the Grand Priory to their pre-allotted seats in the Cathedral.

Confrere Andrew Pattison OLJ, giving a touch of Scottish Tartan to the uniforms of the members of the Order.

The Grand Prior, Monsignor Anton Gauci ECLJ, accompanied by the Commander of the Commandery of Gozo, entering the Cathedral.

The Maltese banner being carried in front of the Marshal of the Grand Priory, Confrere Robert Farrugia CLJ, who is headed another part of the procession.

The Chancellor of the Grand Priory entering the Cathedral.
Photo 015DV21KThe Master General of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus entering the Cathedral.



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