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October 9th, 2006 Investiture

Monday 9 th October 2006.

The 8 th Mediterranean Investiture of the Grand Priory.

Venue: Caparena, Taormina, Sicily, Italy.

Investiture Dinner: Hotel Caparena, Taormina.


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Investiture Dinner |The Officers, Members & Guests



[Currently viewing: The Postulants]

Consoeur Anna Maria Sinatra MLJ, being given the brevet of membership by the Master General of the Order.

The Master General greeting Confrere Ignazio Fiore MLJ, who was just admitted to the Order in the Investiture. In the foreground, Confrere Natale Sinatra OLJ, the Secretary of the Grand Commandery of Italy, who was instrumental in ensuring a successful Italian Investiture.

Consoeur Manuela Gray MLJ, newly admitted as a member of the Commandery of Catania, Italy.

Confrere Franco Nicolosi MLJ being greeted as a new member of the Order by the Master General.



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