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Order of Saint Lazarus Joins Amnesty International (December 2015)

In December of 2015, the US Grand Priory of the Order officially affiliated with Amnesty International in order to ensure the continuation of various Hospitaller work of the Order in this very field of social work and human rights worldwide.

On the acceptance of Saint Lazarus within Amnesty International, Steven Hawkins, the US Executive Director of Amnesty International sent us a lovely acceptance letter stating, "Thank you for signing up to champion human rights with Amnesty! You are now part of our long history and bright future. Amnesty began in 1961 when a lawyer in London read about two Portuguese students who were jailed after raising a toast to freedom. Since then, Amnesty has come to the aid of more people than can fill Madison Square Garden - twice. We helped Burmese human rights defender Aung San Sui Kyi. We've won a Nobel Peace Prize for our efforts. We receive no government funding for our research and advocacy. That would compromise our work. Like the Chinese proverb that first inspired our founder, we believe that it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Share this graphic and help continue to keep that candle of hope and freedom burning."

A donation of USD 800 was given to Amnesty International during the month of December 2015. Joining this very active worldwide organisation was indeed yet another milestone for the Order and is another diplomatic stepping stone related to the Order's presence in various international fora and institutions.


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